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Coco Leni

Are you looking for a brand with causes you can get behind? A brand heavily invested in sustainability, perhaps? Or possibly even a company with a strong focus not only in hiring women, but investing in them? Let's take a trip to Goa, India and introduce ourselves to Coco Leni.

Matthias Haase, an eyewear craftsman and optometrist, has been working at the same shop in Annaberg-Bucholz, Germany since 1981. That workshop was established in 1946, a gloomy and dark era when East German goods weren't meant to be fashionable but were being built to stand the tests of time. Matthias had a drive to deliver beauty to his community through his eyewear. It was after Arjun Sagar entered his world that these dreams began manifesting themselves into reality.

This karmic connection took this story out of Germany and into India, which now serves as Coco Leni's base of operation, making the brand India's ONLY tailor-made luxe eyewear brand. With a heavy influence of mid-1900s eyewear fashion, the frames channel a modern twist with both bold and muted color palates to choose from and easily altered to suit any individuals needs and preferences. Their acetates boast a dense boldness that I always have a soft spot for, especially in a market being over saturated with "thin and light" designs that don't last.

Coco Leni is more than just a name; it's a Philosophy:

"Harnessing nature's purest elements and merging them with the guiding, illuminating principals of light to craft eyewear that is not just a sigh to see, but a vision for the way forward"

Coco, deriving from Coconut and the concept of it's "tree of life" concept, embodies nourishment, sustenance, and versatility, signifying the brand's dedication to durability and long-lasting products.

Leni translates to "luminescence" or "light", symbolizes the company's commitment to ethical practices and the path of righteousness in both business and craftsmanship. This mirrors Matthias' venture and mission of making a positive global impact.

When exploring a brand, I look for various aspects, but few are as transparent about their company culture as Coco Leni. Each day commences with a prayer or mantra at Coco Leni, invoking blessings upon the artisans’ hands and aiming to benefit humanity, fostering happiness and equilibrium. It’s remarkable to me to see a brand committed to such values. Notably, Coco Leni distinguishes itself with a predominantly women-led workforce, boasting over 40 skilled artisans trained by Arjun. Their mission extends beyond mere product creation; it aims to empower women financially and equip them with a portable skill. Each frame carries a distinct touch, enabling one to trace its origins back to the hands that fashioned it.

Coco Leni's promise is that their processes remain free of adverse ecological impacts and are "Mother Nature Approved". They uphold this promise through simple, conscious efforts aimed at making the world a better place. The company diligently recycles any waste generated from their productions and actively volunteers their time within their local community, organizing regular beach and countryside cleanups to preserve the beauty of their town. Additionally, they sponsor a reforestation project and consistently donate to New Eyes for the Needy, an American non-profit organization dedicated to providing free eyewear to children and adults in the U.S. facing financial hardships.

Each design is customized to fit your individual measurements through their virtual fitting. With 36 different measurements you're almost certain to experience a perfect fit. You can pick your colors all the way down to the hinges and have it tailor made, but should it not fit quite right you get 2 free alterations within 14 days of delivery and a whopping 10 year manufacturer's warranty to stand behind your investment. Coco Leni also offers a Lifetime Rewind Policy for lens replacements, re-polishing, hinges and alignments for the life of the frame. From purchase to delivery Coco Leni promises a final product in less than 2 weeks, impressive for a tailor made experience.

In conclusion, there's truly nothing about Coco Leni that doesn't resonate with me. They embody the service and principles I aspire for my own company to embrace one day. From investing in their people to demonstrating love for their local community, their ethos aligns perfectly with my own values. The exceptional designs and meticulous craftsmanship further solidify their commitment to excellence. What sets them apart is their ability to offer an affordable, tailor-made experience without succumbing to corporate greed. I'm passionate about supporting brands with genuine values, rooted in their origins and proud of their creations. I admire companies that prioritize talent and hard work to produce something they truly believe in.

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