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Orgreen Optics

In the heart of Copenhagen, Orgreen Optics unfolds a narrative of eyewear that transcends mere functionality, positioning itself as a beacon of innovation and artistry in the optical industry. Established in a backyard in 1997, this Danish-designed, Japanese-crafted eyeglass brand has intricately woven a tale of creativity, quality, and an enduring commitment to sustainability spanning over two decades. Their dedication to innovative aesthetics, top-tier customer care, and unwavering quality solidifies their leadership position within the optical landscape.

Founded by three visionaries, Henrik Orgreen, Gregers Fastrup, and Sahra Lysell, the trio envisioned a transformation of the optical industry from its conventional designs to a globally resonant aesthetic. Proudly rooted in Danish heritage, the team maintains a profound understanding of cultural nuances, showcasing a keen eye for global diversity. While creating glasses that cater to a broad spectrum of skin tones and cultural fashion preferences, their primary audience, aged 40-55, reflects a deliberate translation of novelty to a mature demographic, offering a fresh perspective on timeless elegance.

Today, Orgreen's global presence extends to over 50 countries, fueled by a genuine spirit of independence that challenges the norms of the conservative optical industry. With a rich history deeply rooted in quality titanium designs, where each frame is meticulously hand-painted with environmentally compliant paints, further epitomizing the brand's commitment to both excellence and eco-conscious practices. In a continuous evolution, the brand has expanded its horizons to include acetate and 3D printed frame collections, exemplified by their "Quantum Collection" – a testament to Orgreen's unwavering commitment to innovation - the fusion of 3D printed polyamide frames with titanium temples seamlessly marries cutting-edge technology with timeless design, showcasing the brand's forward-thinking approach.

Beyond their avant-garde designs, Orgreen upholds a steadfast commitment to Scandinavian sustainability practices and operations, aligning with the EU Green Deal. Navigating the intricacies of sustainability through Life Cycle Assessments to calculate CO2 emissions, Orgreen aims to guide itself toward an effective circular model. This ensures the brand continues to epitomize Danish design while achieving a harmonious balance of beauty and comfort in every frame. In the realm of eyewear, Orgreen genuinely approaches the art holistically, inviting wearers to partake in the perfect fusion of style and substance.

As I conclude today's journey through the captivating world of Orgreen Optics, I encourage you to explore eyewear that transcends the ordinary and where each frame tells a story of innovation, cultural appreciation, and sustainability. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of hand-painted titanium or the cutting-edge allure of 3D printed frames, Orgreen beckons you to embrace your unique vision. Join us in celebrating a brand that not only epitomizes Danish design but also pioneers the future of eyewear.

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