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Iris Bonnevue

With Erratic Glass, my focus is to channel my own creativity into self expression via unique stained glass creations, one-of-a-kind eyewear, and eco-art; all crafted with a focus on upcycled materials and sustainability.

My experience working with eyewear and optometry–and my own journey as a long-time glasses-wearer–has taught me that glasses are more than a tool that helps us see more clearly. They can be a means of focusing our own image and the projection we send out to the world so that our light and spirits can shine. In exploring my own creative sight, I found myself drawn to the interplay of light, material, and nature. And with that, Erratic Glass was born!

My creations range from classy to funky with all stops between, always with an eclectic feel and always made with originality in mind. Whether you’re shopping for something unique and unexpected or have a particular vision in mind, you may just find something here that lets you showcase your own style.

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