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Woow Eyewear

I hosted my very first pop-up event recently, during which, I found myself immersed in an enlightening conversation about eyewear with a passerby. In unraveling the complex web of eyewear brand ownership, I found myself engaged in conversation with a newfound friend who shared her recent exploration of Woow Eyewear. In recounting her recent brand experience she inspired me to pen this blog post as a tribute to our unexpected connection. To the stranger who brought camaraderie to my nervous heart on a hectic day, this one's for you. Cheers to the beauty of chance encounters! 🌈

To start, dubbing Woow "independent" could be up for some debate as it is currently supported by a private equity backed firm, Design Eyewear Group. However, rather than discussing the potential for an eventual evil corporate overtaking, let's focus on the history of this brand.

Conceived by the creative minds behind yet another great brand, Face A Face, Nadine Roth and Pascal Jaulent were inspired to create a more youthful and affordable collection to compliment their original luxury counterpart brand. Woow stepped onto the scene dressed to impress with its impressive "London" vibes circa 2011, and with that, Woow was born. Woow presents a lively "sound" embraced by many for its versatility in expression with shapes that are always youthful and fashion forward. Each frame is designated with it's own two-word moniker for a name. That name is then positioned in an unconventional spot compared to many other frames you'll find on the market. Drawing inspiration from vintage typewriters, each frame is embellished with it's corresponding "name" encased in a circular "key-like" motif in each temple tip, reflecting Woow’s unwavering dedication to meticulous craftsmanship. This particular design concept is one of my favorite trademarks of the brand, it adds something unique and quirky to the brand that many other brands don't have.

Woow skillfully combines shape and color to differentiate itself from its more mature counterpart collection. Celebrating over a decade of design, this year Woow embraces a retro aesthetic, drawing inspiration from the vibrant hues and materials of the 70s and 80s. If the retro vibes don’t resonate with you, rest assured there’s a design within their collection to match your style, whether you prefer bold colored acetates or the minimalist appeal of metal frames. With diverse sources of inspiration, Woow caters to all tastes. As their designs evolve with the times, Woow remains a brand that grows alongside its clientele.

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