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Visionary Beginnings: The Birth of an Eyewear Designer

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Hello and welcome to the biggest endeavor I've ever attempted! I'm thrilled to introduce myself, properly, as your resident eco-artist and budding eyewear designer, Iris. In November 2022, I left a job I loved in the pursuit of happiness. In all, I'd have to say I've been successful. I got married, gained 4 kids, 5 dogs, 1 cat and started this business. For the past 5 years I'd joked about becoming an eyewear designer. That joke quickly became an obsession and over time my 9-5 optician job wasn't fulfilling anymore and I knew it was now or never to make this dream a reality.

As someone deeply passionate about art and fashion, I felt the urge to merge these two worlds in my own unique way. My mission is to provide you with eyewear that tells stories, and even introduces you as you enter rooms. I aim to create eyewear that makes a positive impact on both you and this beautiful planet through carefully selected sustainable materials curated to your individual wants and needs.

As a newbie in a very intense fashion industry I've had to overcome many hurdles this year, the largest being learning how to make an idea a reality with no help. There's very little proper training or education available for this trade and almost everything I've learned this year has been largely self taught. But through determination and a handful of like-minded professionals I've been able to begin to find my niche.

As a source for stress relief from the madness of learning design and manufacturing I found a hidden talent for stained glass and upcycled art. I decided these projects would be a great source of income as I firmly insert myself into the role of the "starving artist" and decided that is just as much on brand as everything else I've learned this year and have listed my stained glass art for sale as I work up to my eyewear release.

I am tentatively projecting a 10 piece mix & match eyewear collection to be released in Spring 2024. As I work toward this goal I invite you to follow my journey and check back for further updates and announcements. I greatly appreciate your continued support in this endeavor. Be sure to follow us on social media as well as check out our podcast for all things optometry and optical. It's a weird journey folks and I just want to share as much of that with others as I can.

Enjoy and come back soon!


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