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Nina Mûr Eyewear

Today’s captivating spotlight shines on Madrid as we delve into the world of Nina Mûr. With an unwavering dedication to blending craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, this company meticulously crafts frames that exude natural elegance with a touch of refinement. If you want to shop ethically or identify with their philosophy, this may be the last brand you'll ever buy from. Let's dive into this 7 time award winning brand, shall we?

Meet Lorena Serrano, the co-founder and visionary behind the brand. From doodling glasses in her childhood to manifesting those ideas into reality in adulthood, Lorena’s journey epitomizes a seamless blend of passion and purpose. Armed with a marketing degree from ESIC and a thirst for knowledge, Lorena expanded her horizons through studies in design, business, and digital marketing. Her professional odyssey led her to collaborate with esteemed global brands like Nike, Converse, and Universal Music, among others.

Lorena carved out her niche by exclusively using responsibly sourced wood from Finland’s forests, which hold the Forest Stewardship Council Certificate, advocating for sustainability, fair wages, conservation, and community rights. Lorena dedicated two years to mastering techniques and materials before unveiling her brand to the world. Specializing in sculptural designs that blend colors, textures, and “architectural relief,” this brand was born to go against the grain of mass-produced eyewear and provide a flexible alternative willing to adapt to individual client's needs rather than the general public.

In its infancy, the brand, named after Lorena’s alter-ego, Nina Quiche, made its debut in 2014 at the Central Design Market at Matadero Madrid—an avant-garde arts center showcasing Spanish design, both established and emerging. Beyond its striking designs, each piece reflects meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainable practices. Much like myself, Nina Mûr doesn't aim to JUST be an accessory or a "medical device" but something that will stay with you and withstand the tests of time.

After roughly four years, Nina Quiche bloomed into the renowned brand now known as Nina Mûr. The name “Nina,” meaning “kind,” coupled with “Mûr,” meaning “mature,” aptly reflects the brand’s evolution and the depth of its development and processes.

Crafting each pair of “ethical eyewear” remains a labor of love, demanding approximately 40 consecutive hours of meticulous work. From sourcing birch wood to shaping plywoods for over 20 hours at a stretch, the company spares no effort in upholding its commitment to quality. With 90% of production localized to minimize emissions and a substantial portion of post-milling processes carried out by hand, sustainability is woven into every aspect of production.

Despite common assumptions about wood being heavy, these frames defy expectations, weighing a mere 15 grams on average—about the weight of a CD. To ensure resilience against harsh weather conditions and water exposure, epoxy resins are meticulously applied, ensuring the long-term preservation of each piece and safeguarding your investment. So, if you seek lightweight yet durable eyewear, Nina Mûr is the answer.

In the vast world of fashion, options abound. Nina Mûr's Essentials Collection provides timeless, everyday designs, while their Capsule Collection showcases exclusive and unique pieces. For clients with discerning taste, Nina Mur offers bespoke services, crafting glasses tailored specifically to their style preferences. With Nina Mûr, everyone can discover the look and style that resonates with them, ensuring that individuality and personal taste shine through.

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