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Arty & Fern

Updated: Jan 25

Ever found yourself captivated by the intricacy of eyewear design or pondering the craftsmanship behind it? As I navigate the path to becoming a designer, I often find myself marveling at the creations of others while dreaming of a day when my work can elicit similar admiration. This week, I'm thrilled to introduce a brand that encapsulates everything I aspire to achieve – Arty & Fern.

Let's delve into the narrative of Arty & Fern, shall we?

Established in 2013 by eyewear enthusiasts much like myself, this dynamic duo stands as perhaps the sole bespoke eyewear tailor house in Bangkok, earning themselves a well-deserved reputation. Fern, armed with a graphic design degree, and Art, a seasoned advertising creative, united their passion for glasses, cultivated through Fern's family's renowned local optical, Lek Optical, founded in 1982. Having immersed themselves in the industry from a young age, the pair transformed their shared hobby into a brand. Two years of dedicated design, creation, and sales as a side venture paved the way for a pivotal decision – to turn their passion into a profession. Off they went to the esteemed Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Lunetiers (MOF) school in Morez, France, the global epicenter of spectacle craftsmanship since the 16th century.

Returning to Thailand post-training, Arty & Fern initiated their made-to-order services, focusing on the often overlooked needs of those challenging to fit. Whether catering to petite women or individuals with larger-than-average head sizes, the duo recognized that customized glasses go beyond mere style – "They can be the answers to our imperfections”, as Art stated in a 2018 interview with TimeOut. With an emphasis on cellulose acetate, premium hinges, and nose pads, Fern underscores, "It's these small details that make a difference."

Operating exclusively on advanced reservations, their atelier ensures each client receives undivided attention and a private fitting experience. The fitting process serves as a collaborative dialogue between the client and the designer, paving the way for Art & Fern to conceptualize designs for approval before the meticulous handcrafting process begins.

Handcrafted with care, each design takes 10-15 days to complete. From the initial appointment to the final product, clients can anticipate a month-long journey, priced around $400 USD post-conversion – a steal considering the quality and craftsmanship, especially when compared to the average cost of "designer" brands in the US. Beyond bespoke services, Arty & Fern boasts a ready-to-wear collection inspired by Siamese Cats. Earning acclaim with the DEmark: Design Excellence Award in 2017, the Siamese Cat Eyes collection brilliantly captures the essence of each of the five feline in five distinct models.

In essence, this creative power couple earns my stamp of approval. From the exclusive aura of the initial appointment to the impeccably crafted final product, anything bearing the Arty & Fern insignia demands honor and the utmost respect. I tip my hat...


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