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Piero Massaro

Updated: Jan 25

Greetings, fellow Nerds! The festive season is upon us, marking the final stretch of 2023. In case you missed the latest podcast news, Lucia and I have hit pause on recording to take a breather and revamp our approach. We're on a mission to enhance the quality of our content, ensuring our listeners receive nothing but the best. Huge thanks to everyone for their unwavering support and patience as we tweak things behind the scenes. Stay tuned for the exciting updates!

While we take a short break, fear not! The Indy Spotlight blogs will persist, gracing your Fridays and flooding our socials. We're committed to championing our beloved independent designers and frame makers, presenting you with enticing options as you explore new brands to embrace. So, without further ado, let the discovery journey begin!

In this week's edition, I'm thrilled to introduce Piero Massaro, the visionary mind and founder behind Italiana Design. If memory serves me right, he holds the prestigious title of being our very first award-winning designer featured in the spotlight series. Join us on this journey where eyewear becomes a canvas for Piero Massaro's elevated vision, delivering not just glasses but an experience steeped in passion and precision.

Born in Sicily and adopted by Venice, Piero envisioned a brand that epitomizes authentic Italian craftsmanship from inception to completion. Amidst a sea of mass-produced products, Piero sought to celebrate the splendor of genuine Italian artistry, employing top-tier materials and personalized designs that captivate our senses in a world often saturated with mundane shapes and colors, devoid of authenticity and dedication.

The year 2003 marked the enchanting genesis of Italiana Design, nestled in the magical hinterlands of Venice. Choosing this location wasn't just a logistical decision for Piero—it was a deliberate immersion into a world of light, color, and intrigue. Here, amidst the Venetian allure, he embarked on the daily pursuit of crafting "perfect eyewear." In Piero's eyes, and rightly so, eyewear transcends mere functionality; each pair is a bona fide work of art. Italiana Design, under Piero's discerning eye, embraces a commitment to excellence, setting high expectations for the artistry imbued in every piece.

Within the expansive realm of Italiana Design, Piero Massaro unfurls his creative genius through three distinct lines, each a testament to his artistic vision. Let's start our exploration with "Dicotto," a collection that epitomizes Piero's more subtle and classic interpretation of eyewear.

For Piero, the number 9 holds a special place, and this sentiment is ingeniously encapsulated in the brand's "18" as the 1 and 8 join forces to create a symbolic representation of eyewear. Uniquely crafted for this collection is the perfectly round hinge, an exclusive touch by Piero. To pay homage to his Sicilian roots, he incorporated a triangle-embossed screw set, symbolizing the Trinacria, the three-legged emblem of Sicily while Piero's attention to detail extends further with triangle-shaped temple tips, strategically positioned in the mirrored opposite configuration of the front screws. This meticulous design element is a heartfelt homage that traces the essence of his Sicilian heritage from the literal beginning-to- end of each eyewear creation. Dicotto offers a captivating array of options with 6 distinctive styles and 3 color combinations for each, culminating in a harmonious total of *you guessed it* 18 choices in total. So, whether you lean towards the classic or crave a touch of subtle sophistication, Dicotto beckons you to explore a world where eyewear becomes an eloquent expression of art and heritage.

Piero's next collection, Piccolo P., is a high-end children's line proudly brought to life under the Italiana Design umbrella. Inspired by the poetry of "The Little Prince" and fueled by suggestions from a myriad of voices, this meticulously crafted collection of children's eyewear exudes charm and sophistication. Recognizing a gap in the market for high-quality children's eyewear, Piccolo P. steps in to fill the void. This miniature collection is a testament to Italiana Design's commitment to offering not just eyewear, but an experience that even the newest eyeglass wearers can appreciate. Each piece is a carefully curated blend of style and comfort, ensuring that the young wearers not only see clearly but also embark on their eyewear journey with a sense of delight and self-expression.

In a grand finale, let's turn the spotlight onto the self-titled collections by the maestro himself, Piero Massaro. Each collection is a manifestation of bespoke attention and excellence, meticulously crafted through a precise 100-step process that inches each creation one step closer to perfection. These collections stand as a paragon of true Italian couture and craftsmanship, embracing a philosophy of working in small batches and offering limited-edition shapes and colors that render each piece a unique masterpiece. Piero's dedication to perfection is palpable as each frame undergoes a meticulous numbering process. With only 100 pieces released in each collection, owning and wearing one of these designs is akin to possessing a rare piece of fine art. It's a testament to the exclusivity and rarity that defines true luxury.

Employing only the finest materials and partnering with certified companies, Piero ensures that each piece is not merely an accessory but a genuine Italian work of art. These collections serve as a canvas, vividly representing the colors and beauty of his cherished homeland. As you don these exclusive creations, you're not just wearing eyewear; you're experiencing a masterpiece, a symphony of craftsmanship and artistry that resonates with the soul of Italy. Explore the pinnacle of Italian design with Piero Massaro's self-titled collections, where each frame tells a story of passion, precision, and the pursuit of sartorial perfection.

As I draw the curtain on this captivating journey through the world of true Italian creativity and craftsmanship, it's evident that Piero Massaro's vision transcends the ordinary, transforming eyewear into an art form that embodies the essence of Italy's rich heritage. From the classic allure of Dicotto to the enchanting whimsy of Piccolo P. and the unparalleled elegance of Piero's self-titled collections, each frame tells a story of passion, precision, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether you seek the subtlety of timeless designs or the exclusivity of limited editions, Piero invites you to adorn yourself with more than just eyewear; embrace a masterpiece that mirrors the soulful beauty of Italy. With every pair, you not only wear a creation but become a part of the artistic legacy meticulously crafted by Piero Massaro. Elevate your style, indulge in craftsmanship, and celebrate the spirit of true Italian artistry with Italiana Design.

Grazie mille for joining us on this extraordinary voyage!

Til next time!


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