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A Brief Respite From Podcasting

Happy Holidays my friends! We're officially in the home stretch to the end of the year so thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to check back in with me! I wanted to let my listeners and readers know that Lucia and I are taking a break from podcasting temporarily. Since I got back from my wedding we've been plagued with one technical issue after another and it's got us behind schedule every week now. Between the holidays, parties, work and trying to focus on my frame line development I just don't have any extra time available until after the New Year.

I'm hoping during the time away to not only get the technical issues resolved but also develop a new format for how we do the show. We do this because we both really enjoyed our time spent in the optical industry but know how confusing and stressful things can be for patients and ECPs and want to shine some light on the things that drive us all crazy. We hope you've all found our episodes not only informative but entertaining so far and we really hope that those of you who've been following us so far will continue to do so through this temporary pause in production. I plan to continue to post my weekly Indy Spotlight series every Friday through my blog space and will update our socials as changes come in regards to the pod.

I appreciate any and all support I've gotten this year through my ever expanding business plan. I'm not usually so disorganized and messy but this year has been one huge learning curve so I'm grateful for everyone being my cheerleader through this all. In the mean time be sure to check me out here and follow me on Instagram for additional updates and changes regarding my eyewear collection and development.

Thank you all for being so awesome!


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